Sensible shoes

Sensible shoes
pl n practical, comfortable women's shoes, with low heels and completely covered uppers

Dictionary of Australian slang . 2013.

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  • sensible shoes — Australian Slang pl n practical, comfortable women s shoes, with low heels and completely covered uppers …   English dialects glossary

  • sensible — I. adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo French, from Latin sensibilis, from sensus, past participle of sentire to feel Date: 14th century 1. of a kind to be felt or perceived: as a. perceptible to the senses or to reason or… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • sensible — [[t]se̱nsɪb(ə)l[/t]] ♦♦♦ 1) ADJ GRADED: oft it v link ADJ to inf Sensible actions or decisions are good because they are based on reasons rather than emotions. It might be sensible to get a solicitor... The sensible thing is to leave them alone …   English dictionary

  • sensible — sen|si|ble W3S3 [ˈsensıbəl] adj [Date: 1300 1400; : Old French; Origin: Latin sensibilis, from sensus; SENSE1] 1.) reasonable, practical, and showing good judgment ▪ She seems very sensible. ▪ sensible advice ▪ It s sensible to keep a note of… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • sensible — /ˈsɛnsəbəl / (say sensuhbuhl) adjective 1. having, using, or showing good sense or sound judgement. 2. (of clothes, etc.) practical at the expense of fashionability: sensible shoes. 3. appreciable; considerable: a sensible reduction. 4. capable… …  

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  • sensible — late 14c., perceptible to the senses, from L. sensibilis having feeling, perceptible by the senses, from sensus, pp. of sentire perceive, feel (see SENSE (Cf. sense)). Meaning aware, cognizant (of something) is recorded from early 15c. Meaning… …   Etymology dictionary

  • sensible — / sensifibFl/ adjective 1 especially BrE reasonable, practical, and able to judge things well: I think that s a very sensible suggestion. | Surely it would be sensible to get a second opinion. | Come now, be sensible. 2 sensible clothes/shoes… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • sensible */*/ — UK [ˈsensəb(ə)l] / US adjective Metaphor: A sensible person is like someone who is physically well balanced and controlled, who stands up straight or still. A person who cannot control their emotions is like someone who falls over or cannot stand …   English dictionary

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